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African Safari Specialists


African riding safaris are as adrenalin packed as they are luxurious, offering some of the most exciting game viewing on horseback and in open 4x4 safari vehicles. The horses are a variety of breeds including thoroughbreds, warmbloods and boereperde that are acclimatized to riding in wildlife areas. The horses have been individually selected for their temperament and ride-ability and are schooled to very high level in the classic English style, responding easily and lightly to the aids. They are well loved, well mannered and in excellent condition.  

Since you are riding in an area of dangerous game you need to be an experienced rider and may be required to gallop out of trouble! On arrival, riders will have their riding skills assessed and the facilities reserve the right to deny a rider participation on the horseback safari if they do not meet the required criteria. The weight of a rider is restricted to a maximum of 210 lbs (95 kg). If you weigh more than this you will need to enquire, but only if you are an advanced rider. Bring your own helmet, boots/chaps and suitable trousers, as they are usually not supplied. Good quality Australian stock saddles, South African McClellans and a selection of English saddles are available. Rider should be 12 years and over. Non riding friends and family are welcome and can enjoy many alternative activities such as game drives, seasonal boating, walking and fishing.


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