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Norma and Bill: South Africa and Botswana, Jan 2018
We are safely home from our amazing trip to South Africa & Botswana and finally recovered from jet lag. Cape Town could not have been better. Christine, our guide, was incredible. She was an absolute delight, exceptionally knowledgeable and a true pleasure to be with and get to know. Wine county, the city tour and our day exploring the area on the way to The Cape of Good Hope were made even better thanks to Christine’s expertise. Four Rosmead Guest House was perfect and we would definitely stay there again and recommend it to others. Kalahari Plains - TK, our guide, knew every inch of the plains and bush and impressed us with his detailed knowledge of the wildlife. Due to the drought it appeared many animals had left the area. That being said we saw a lion king, a pride of 9 lions, giraffes, Spingbuck, Steenbok, Oryx, Kudu’s and more. We loved the food and enjoyed dining on dishes we never would have had in the USA. Loved the accommodations including the upper deck for outdoor sleeping. Gomoti Plains - Such a beautiful place, lovely decor in the main area and our room with a lush and amazing views. Mitre, our guide - again incredibly knowledgeable, he could not have been better. We were fortunate to have more of a variety of animals and birds than at Kalahari. A Cheetah, lioness hunting, elephants galore, impala, zebras, giraffes, warthogs and their babies, hippo’s, kudus, wildebeest, and more. Again the staff was amazing and food interesting and delicious and overall we loved this camp. Little Machaba - Absolutely delightful. We liked he coziness of the place and the delightful people. BT, our guide, once again was a plethora of knowledge and a lovely man. Our sightings included leopards, zebra, elephants, African wild dogs, baboons, monkeys, hyaena including their babies, and tons of impala, kudus etc. It was a trip of a lifetime and everything we dreamed of. It was wonderful to experience the variety and diversity between the 3 camps. Many thanks to you and Paul for your expertise in putting this trip together for us.

Chloe and family: Bisate Lodge, Rwanda, Jan 2018

Everything was absolutely spectacular. This trip exceeded our expectations and was beyond incredible. Thank you for all of your help and support! We will definitely be back. 

Joe, Carol, Chris and Heather: South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe, Nov 2017
We wanted to let you know that our trip was awesome in all respects. Thanks so much for the detailed planning and organization. All the camps were terrific: guides, staff, accommodations… All first-rate! Our guide Eric in Cape Town was fantastic. A real gentleman and super knowledgeable. Could not give him higher marks. All of the transfers went extremely smoothly, with staff waiting for us at each location to handle our baggage and guide us through the process. When we arrived in Victoria Falls we were upgraded to their new Victoria Falls Island Lodge. It just opened up a few months before our arrival. Really a first class boutique experience. The manager Peter and his small but attentive staff were really awesome, and the food was a real highlight of the trip. Frankly the only downside was that was the one location with a significant mosquito population. At the camps in Botswana we saw all the major animals with the exception of rhinos, which we understand are very difficult to find these days. Of the three camps we would have to say that Chitabe was the most outstanding as far as wildlife. Once again, the staff and guides at each location were terrific both in terms of their hospitality and their knowledge. Thanks again for the excellent job you did in planning our first trip to Africa. We will certainly pass along your contact information to any of our friends who are interested in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Steve: South Africa and Botswana, Nov 2017
Africa was a totally amazing experience. I really enjoyed just sitting in one spot (like by a waterhole) for significant periods of time and watching the interaction of the animals. For me (spending my life multi-tasking and juggling multiple things), I was surprised that I could decompress and sit in a vehicle for 5-6 hours totally engrossed. The landscapes were memorable, and we saw just so many really cool things. I can confidently say that Leopard Hills was the camp we most enjoyed.  They worked so hard to show us a great time, the animals were the best, and the food and accommodations were unmatched. I have never had a better trip.

Kristin and Family: Kenya, Nov 2017
Let me start by saying thank you! We LOVED our experience. Asilia is an amazing company doing great things for the people of Kenya as well as the wildlife. A few highlights - the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust private tour for me was one of the highlights of my life. I so love this organization and all that it does and the time we got to spend with the elephants exceeded our expectations - I am still feeling the happy heart feels from this. The Giraffe center was amazing and well run as well. The logistics and car picks up were spot on and very attentive. Encounter Mara - WOW! Outstanding service, the guides were amazing with the kids and us, we had relief managers Della and Rich that frankly spoiled us and set the bar extremely HIGH. This was a great recommendation and was a great place for kids. It was very nice (borderline luxury) without the pomp of a luxury camp. Rekero - this is a beautiful camp and our days in the Mara we won't soon forgetten. The running water and tents were a step above EM. We enjoyed the deck, game drives and all of the care. My family would use Asilia again for sure - and I would recommend you both (already have) to plan. I hope we can go in a few years again. thank you, my 9 year old said it was the trip of a lifetime and she didn't want to leave :) 

Becky and friends: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia, Nov 2017
Thank you, thank you for arranging the BEST TRIP ever!! This was a superb trip with a great itinerary and super guides and camps. We all were just amazed at how terrific days just kept following one another. No duds! It seemed that each day we had some animal experience that was a treat. We all marveled at the coordination and efficiency of the Wilderness Safaris staff. Meeting us at airports, the transfers, the quality of the guides and staff at camps—it was all so so good!When we arrived at the Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town my initial thought was that this was way too much hotel for our needs. However, within a day I understood! This was the ideal hotel for recovering from the pace of the safaris and for sightseeing. It was so nice to have a very comfortable place with room to spread out. We found that the hotel restaurant was the most desirable one at the waterfront! Outstanding food and service, and quiet!
I really enjoyed the 4 camps we visited. Each one gave us a different experience of landscape and animals. The amount of time at each was about right too. My personal favorites were Savuti—the landscape and number of animals is amazing, and, Hoanib Sketon Coast Camp. Hoanib is such an amazing place. The landscape is so unusual and we saw quite a few animals living in such desolation! The lunch at the Skeleton Coast was a complete surprise and so fun. We all fell in love with the guides at each camp. They were experts at their jobs and worked very hard to give us a fine experience whether it was seeing and tracking animals or going to a sunset spot for cocktails. Thanks again for providing our party of 6 with the trip of a lifetime!!

Ron and Diane: Zambia, Oct 2017

Sadly, this is our final night in Zambia. Such a wonderful trip, thanks to you. Gorgeous country, prolific animals, and such genuinely kind people. We have had a wonderful time. And we just came in from a beautiful birthday dinner in the middle of the Zambezi, on a boat under the stars. I will say Ron got a little nervous when four huge elephants decided to swim from the island nearby to the shore, but all was well.

Bob and Winnie: Tanzania, Sep 2017
We had a great time. Beho Beho remembered our experience when we were there the last time, and I played hide and seek with Joseph the elephant around the jeeps. It seems to be part of camp folk lore now. The hosts there are so very personable. The only thing we missed were the wild dogs which were still denning The rest of the sightings were great. At Singita Faru Faru we had the extra treat of witnessing the reverse migration and saw literally 10s of thousands of wildebeests (something we had not seen before). The accompaniment to the wildebeests were five prides of lions that were very full and fat. Also some great leopard sightings. Singita Faru Faru was on par with the Singita camp in Pamushana which is my favorite camp in Africa. Thanks again for another wonderful safari; this was number 13. We are starting to think about #14 for 2019.

Garth and Denise: Tanzania, Sep 2017
We got back home on Sunday night -- sunburned, a little dehydrated, fly-bitten, and having been bounced around Tanzania for 15 days. In other words, it was a GREAT safari vacation! Thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Ruaha, an new area to us. Had a fantastic guide and a guide trainee for five days. So four experienced eyes looking for critters for us. We've read that Ruaha has around 12,000 elephants, and we think we saw every one of them TWICE! Also lots of lions, including the famous ones who bring down fully grown giraffes. Namiri Plains was also a new camp for us. Loved our stay there, and saw a lot more wildlife than we thought we would. By far the most zebra that we have ever seen. VAST herds. It was our 3rd visit to Ubuntu. The highlight of our stay there was seeing leopard cubs, something we have never seen in our previous six safari vacations. And Garth's favorite part of the Serengeti is the kopjes in this area. Although all of the staff of all of our camps were fantastic (along with excellent meals), the best of the bunch was at Kimondo. The entire trip went VERY smoothly. No glitches whatsoever. So great job, you two!

Ed, Lissa and Family: Zambia and Botswana, Sep 2017
The trip was fantastic. We had a great time and everyone agreed it was the best vacation they had ever had.

Jack and Patty: South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Aug/Sep 2017

Wow!! What a trip! You guys make everything perfect. 30 days and not a glitch or any hint of a problem. Not sure how you guys do it, but everything was perfect. Let’s start planning for 2019. I know Paul is in Botswana with Map and the rhino relocation. Please thank them both for giving us such a wonderful experience and also for the spectacular work they are doing to save the rhinos. Thanks again for another extraordinary African adventure.

Clyde and Donna: Tanzania, Sep 2017

We really want to thank you, Paul and the folks at Asilia for making our trip a success, despite the major airlines’ repeated attempts to make sure nothing went well. It was fantastic that you could make the last minute changes to our itinerary. We can’t thank you enough for coming through when the going got tough! We had a delightful time in Selous which was the last minute addition to our trip. Our sightings were great, and we appreciated that they provided us with a full day game drive on the one day we were there. Selous is different and beautiful with its lakes. Kwihala (Ruaha National Park) was another great time. Fantastic viewing, beautiful setting. Our guide (Charles) was great. We had a wonderful night safari. And, then I will never forget stopping for sundowners and within minutes hearing a lion roar very close by followed by Charles saying “get in the vehicle now - the lion is very close”. Indeed he was - we drove a very short distance to find him in the grass roaring away. It was fantastic to observe as well as hear his vocalizations. Namiri Plains (Serengeti National Park) provided a different view of the world. The sightings were incredible. We saw many lions, cubs and cheetahs. Clearly that is what is to come here for, but we also had other wonderful sightings including an aardwolf and a serval. The cheetah killing a steinbok within feet of us as we came into camp was pretty amazing as well. Again, our appreciation for you help with our last minute booking.

Melissa: Botswana, Aug 2017

We had the absolute best time ever on this trip, I can't thank you enough for assuring everything was perfect. Just know I am so grateful, and I am totally in love with Botswana! This was definitely the trip of a lifetime. The accommodations at Mashatu were superb--beautiful and elegant, with amazing service from every single staff member. I mean, sweeping the dirt paths? Above and beyond, but in doing so we could see animal tracks more easily, and there were many animal tracks to see, especially bushbucks who ate the flowers by the pool each day. The quietness of the surrounding, and watching the animals come to the watering hole each day set the tone; I felt so connected to nature and a more simple way of being. All the food was wonderful, and I was appreciative that I was offered dairy free and gluten free options with each meal. The guides-OMG, Fish and Goms were so great, highly skilled, funny, and kind. We would challenge Fish jokingly each day to see this or that animal, and he delivered time after time. He was always kind and courteous, and we laughed so much with him. I'm not sure if having the two of them just for the two of us was standard or a special treat--but I will never forget them or the animals they showed us. Lions, cheetahs, leopards with babies, elles, warties, mongoose, African wildcat, impala, steenbok, giraffes, birds so colorful they seemed unreal. Fish driving through the bush, seriously off road, to find the lion or leopard. Fish greeting us with "My darlings!" a big smile and a hug; what a fine man. The smell of wild sage will forever remind me of Mashatu.
OK, Limpopo Valley Horse Safari rocked! The horses, so well cared for, the matches that Lindy, the manager, made for us, the terrain, the guides, especially  David--it was all excellent. And seeing impala, zebra, giraffes, elephants and more on our horses, up close and personal, was mind blowing. I thoroughly enjoyed Lindy, she rode with us the last day, lovely woman, very dedicated and a super horsewoman. I rode three different horses at my request; I loved them all, but Valiant, a black Boereperd cross, was my favorite. Galloping into the sunset with giraffes running ahead of us is seared into my brain! Cantering with herds of impala and zebras was breathtaking.
The Okavango Delta--what a contrast, and what a special place (Okavango Horse Safaris)! The tented camp was lovely, very comfortable beds, I was so glad to have a bathroom in the tent too! The horse riding was spectacular there! And our guides, Chief and Clem, a petite, beautiful French/West African  woman who was a volunteer there, were the best. Sue and I are pretty quiet riders, and the guides sensed that so our rides were quiet, letting us really use our senses to see, smell, hear, feel, and taste the delta and its wildlife. We stopped a couple of times each 4.5 hour ride to stretch our legs, take a pee break, and be quiet--that was so nice. Chief helped us through one rather nerve wracking moment when a male elephant wanted us to move away, which we did. Both Sue and I kept our eyes on Chief through this and other times--his quiet confidence and manners kept me calm. Turns out he trains all the horses there, which is why he's quiet and obviously loved by all the horses. I would love to return to their camp, staying a week, riding to their tree house camp and back. So I went to  Botswana a little unsure about how it would be, if I was a good enough rider, if I could ride that many hours, blah, blah. I have returned a much more confident person and rider. I adored every second of it all, and I am madly in love with Africa. There is no better way to see it than from the back of a horse--I am totally convinced of that!
Thank you, thank you. You both made the trip a dream. In gratitude...

Laurie, Zachery and Victoria: South Africa and Zimbabwe, Aug 2017

The highlight of our trip was Linkwasha Camp. This Camp is amazing and the people are phenomenal. The food at The Elephant Camp was simply first class. We are extremely grateful to you and to Paul. Your recommendations and guidance have been much appreciated, and we will definitely refer you to others. We hope to return to Africa again. It was life changing!

Bob and Sally: South Africa, Aug 2017
Caroline and Paul, it could not have been better, unless it was longer! Hated to leave. Cape Town perfect. Good hotel (Cape Grace) and Lucia (private tour guide) was outstanding and a delight to be with. Londolozi was 5 stars, from A to Z. Great service and saw everything we wanted. Thank you so much for organizing it. We want to go back. Bob and Sally

Robert and Aurora: Zambia, Botswana and South Africa, Jul/Aug 2017
Let me just say it was a magical mystery tour of phenomenal moments and wondrous sights!! It was great and your efforts to make it a great trip exceeded whatever expectations we might have had. You folks were terrific. Just a few notes about the safari: Wilderness Safaris has its operation well honed. Everything moves smoothly. The transportation between camps is effortless. The meals are creative and well prepared. If Emmanuel is at all reflective of the type of guides Wilderness employs then it is superb. Emmanuel was both knowledgeable and exuberant about the wildlife and the experience. At times almost like he was experiencing it like a first timer. Every day was cloudless and fascinating (albeit that Aurora and I have been on safaris in other countrie 5 times). The accommodations were excellent as well. In fact I liked the way you and Paul arranged the order of the camps and times in each. Lastly I want to thank you for arranging  the connections and hotel for us in Cape Town. The Cape Grace was lovely. All in all our experience was wonderful!!! I believe that we might return some day to Botswana and for that I will stay in touch.

Tana and Mark: Botswana and South Africa, Jul/Aug 2017
It was fabulous! Everything worked beautifully - no snags. We saw lots of animals and the camps were lovely - esp Little Vumbura. The guides were fantastic! The hot water bottles delightful - lots of wonderful touches everywhere. Thanks for all of your help!

Brett and Catie: Kenya and Tanzania, Jul 2017

What a trip. Thanks so much for putting this together, it was amazing. Our favorite camp was Rekero. Being so close to the water, we heard a lot of animals at night, which we both really enjoyed. All of their staff were wonderful. Food was superb. Our guide, Tim, was the real highlight. His personality really fit both of us. He had no problem starting early each morning and ending late (often leaving first and returning last each night). We had some really great sightings, where we were often by ourselves, of a lion family, elephant family, and cheetahs. We also enjoyed Olakira Camp. On our final night, the staff had prepared a private dinner for us. The decor was romantic and food was lovely, and they had prepared mini-vows for us to exchange, including some in Swahili. It was very special. We saw some really great things at this camp -- leopard with two small cubs, a successful lion hunt, and some crossings. Asilia seems like a great company and one that really cares about the wildlife and communities. Namiri Plains Camp was great. It lived up to its reputation relating to cat sightings. We saw a leopard on our drive from the airport to the camp (and on the way back to the airport too). We also found some cheetah cubs one day and saw lions fighting while trying to determine mating hierarchy. When we got to our villa at Klindi (Zanzibar), Brett and I turned to each other and said - "Caroline hit this one out of the park." Klindi was amazing. Our villa was over the top, we're pretty sure it was larger than our house in Seattle. The views were amazing and we felt like we were the only two people anywhere nearby. Our butler, Julius, was very attentive and had a bottle of sparkling wine chilling for us when we arrived. Every morning we had a superb breakfast on our patio and dinner around the pool in a romantic setting. We did one all day excursion which included snorkeling, seeing some of the smaller islets, and a fish BBQ on the beach. This was another place that Brett and I decided we'd have to return. Thanks again for putting this itinerary together for us! It was perfect, and the only thing we would change is staying for longer! -- Catie and Brett

Brian and Randi: South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Jun 2017
We had a wonderful trip! Most everything went as planned and we're already talking about when to return. Our guides were just great, and each of the camps offered something a bit different. We didn't understand the whole Wilderness Safaris organization, and seeing how complex it is made it that much more impressive. And we want to thank the two of you for making this so effortless for us. I don't think I've ever booked a big trip so quickly and easily! And Cape Grace was a great hotel! What nice and professional people. Again, thank you both. It was everything we hoped it would be. 

Tom and Alan: Zambia Jun 2017
We are on our way back home today after 5 nights in Cape Town. The trip was fantastic! The Safari was truly spectacular and we loved the Bushcamps. Everything was too-notch throughout our stay and the staff are so hospitable, friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks so much for your assistance and your guidance as we planned our first Safari adventure. We look forward to working with you on future adventures! All the best, Tom & Alan.

Carl and Linda: Zambia, Jun 2017

We made it back yesterday morning as scheduled. What a fantastic trip! Thanks for all your help in working with Chris to put it together. We don’t think the trip could have been any better. The itinerary and logistics, accommodations and food, people, wildlife, and weather were all pretty amazing. We met Amy and Andy from Mfuwe Lodge and both said to tell you hello. We also met Allen and Tom from Los Angeles, who booked their trip through Natural Migrations. They both said to tell you their experience had been amazing. We just wanted to let you know we’re back and the trip was fantastic. Carl and Linda.

Nancy and Randy: South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Rwanda, May/Jun 2017

I just wanted to let you know that Randy and I returned from the most incredible, life changing, wildlife filled experience of our lives! Thank you!! The entire trip ran like a dream, the camps and staff were incredible and the hopes that I would finally get to see a real live African elephant came true - a hundred times over. Mombo Trail was spectacular and we never missed a beat. Little Makalolo was probably my favorite due to its ‘earthiness’ but I can’t really profess a preference. I cried when it was time to go home and have dreamed of returning soon. I can not go an hour without reliving something from this journey while I am awake - and frankly often while I am asleep as well. Our friends, whom we told about your organization, are leaving on their journey on July 3 - I just wish I could go along -but certainly will be there vicariously at least. We will be back! Nancy.

Nicolas and Rocio: Zimbabwe, Botswana and Cape Town, May/Jun 2017
We are back from Africa and wanted to thank you for helping us plan and make this trip of a lifetime happen. It was truly an amazing experience and we were blown away by the level of service and kindness at every camp and in every single interaction with folks from Wideness. It was nothing like we have ever experienced before. Also, I think that given the complexity of the trip (i.e., transfers, charter flights, etc.), it is remarkable that there was not a single hiccup. Thanks again for setting all this up. We were laughing with Rocio that upon arrival in Miami, it almost felt strange not to see a smiling Wilderness rep waiting for us. You got us spoiled! :-) Anyways, again just wanted to say thank you. We can't wait for our next trip to Africa and we will be sure to reach out to you both when the time comes. By the way, the backpack was super useful! We used it a lot throughout the whole trip!

Catherine and Damon: Southern Africa, May 2017
Paul and Natural Migrations are fantastic. My wife and I recently traveled on a two week safari to southern Africa - South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana - arranged by Natural Migrations. It was amazing from beginning to end. We told Paul what we wanted to see, and we saw all of it. I would highly recommend Paul who structured the trip in such a way that it just kept getting better and better. Paul met us at the end of the trip in Maun, Botswana, to make sure we had a great experience.

Jack and Patty / 12 April 2017
You guys do the most amazing, comprehensive itineraries I've ver seen and I've seen a few over the years.
Photos, recommendations, schedules you don't leave anything to question. Great job, very, very impressive.

Bart and Family: South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe, Dec 2016

My impression of our trip is that it was virtually faultless. Three of our guides, Samson in Cape Town; Owen at Dwyka; and OB at Vumbura were superb.  Owen has intricate knowledge of the animals at Dwyka and is a terrific teacher who even took us on foot to within perhaps 25-30 feet of a female cheetah that he knew well.  OB’s eloquent sharing of his vast knowledge of the Vumbura wildlife, his ability to find exciting situations (we followed a cheetah and her three cubs until she spotted her prey from a termite mound and then drove with/after her to her kill and to the subsequent feeding of her cubs where she dragged the impala into the bush) and his attention to the amusement of the youngest among us who were in the third seat with his exciting driving were in my experience beyond exceptional. Lucky, our guide at Savuti who guided Lori and I last year was very good again at finding the game, but is by his nature less talkative than the others.  Our guide in Vic Falls, whose name escapes me at this writing, was totally knowledgable and always prompt and accommodating. Accommodations at Dwyka and Vumbura were fantastic. We very much appreciated the Vumbura upgrade (who wouldn’t!). I thought the food was good in all camps. The Vic Falls hotel and the Zambezi  river cruise were fine as I suspect they always are.  We had a wonderful dinner in the main dining room where we celebrated my 75th birthday and enjoyed excellent food and the hotel’s marvelous pianist. Lori and I enthusiastically recommend a trip to Africa, and especially with your guidance, to all who will listen. Thanks for all of your efforts on our behalf and please extend our appreciation to your colleagues at Wilderness Safaris. Best regards, Bart. 

Diane: Zambia, Botswana, South Africa and Kenya, Nov/Dec 2016
My trip was wonderful and I cannot thank you enough. The whole trip was fabulous but I fell in love with Kenya and want to return there and to Tanzania also. I especially appreciate the pick up (at the airplane!!!) when I arrived in Nairobi. The Nairobi airport is daunting if you are unfamiliar with it and Asilia guided me through the process quickly and easily. All of our accommodations were terrific. Every place had its strengths. For sure my favorites were Rekero, Xigera, and Toka Leya in that order - in large part because we saw the most wildlife in these three - and Rekero had by far the most. It also matched my expectations about Africa and the plains. I thought this was the very best holiday I have ever taken. So again, my thanks. Loved that a card was waiting for me upon my return. Class act in every way. 

Drew amd Sara: Kenya, Dec 2016

Naboisho Camp did not disappoint amd everything was excellent. Incredible accommodations and an exceptional staff. And we were able to see tons of animals on the game drives. This was the trip of a lifetime. Thanks for your help preparing it.

Wilson Family: South Africa and Zimbabwe, Oct 2016
Words can not describe the fun and adventure we had in Africa!!! I have been sharing your contact with many people. You were absolutely the best ever in helping us with our amazing trip! We didn't skip a beat!!! I will be in touch. Thanks again for Everything!!!

Lily and David (honeymoon): Tanzania, Sep 2016
We had an amazing time at the camps and saw much more than we even expected. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime -- all thanks to your help and patience with us :) From the plantation lodge (food was spectacular) to the camps (loved Namibi Plains and Sayari) to the attentive staff, we really loved our time there. We have yet to go through the thousands of photos that we took. We really appreciated the support and trip planning. We were not only prepared, but were delighted with the properties we stayed at. I think that's the best part, not only sighting the animals, but watching their behaviours in the wild. We waited for an hour for a massive herd of wildebeest to cross the river (which they did) and saw a pride of lions stalking a lone gazelle. 

Val and Nicole: South Africa, Namibia and Rwanda, Sep 2016
The trip was wonderful. All of the lodges and staff were great. Once again, a great trip with memories for a lifetime.

Ron and Sandey: South Africa, Botswana and Zambia, Sep 2016
We’ve had the most amazing journey!!  Everything went beautifully, we loved the our time in Capetown, the Camps, the animals and the people!!  I came home with a whole different prospective on life and I hope it makes some changes in how I look at things!  It was almost surreal to be there….we’ve got the Africa “bug” and look forward to going back again…. We can’t thank you enough for the incredible job you did in planning our trip. Literally, other than the delayed SAA flight, everything went very smoothly. Would like to have had an extra night at both Chitabe and Duma Tau (new facilities are really great)…. We had wonderful guides in both places. We saw just about everything we could possibly see except an actual “kill”….very lucky wherever we went. And the River Club was a “grand” place to finish our trip and gradually return to the real life…they couldn’t have been nicer…even upgraded us to a room with a pool. We remained healthy, happy and stress free during our entire experience which is a big deal to us these days!! Thank you again!

Keith and Kay: South Africa and Zimbabwe, Sep 2016
We can't thank you enough for planning such a wonderful trip. Everything worked like clockwork, no problems and we saw the big 5! Thanks again!

Steve and Sharron: Kenya and Tanzania, Aug 2016
Hello Caroline! I can tell you that the trip was absolutely fabulous. The accommodations were fantastic and we enjoyed the variety of camps that you selected for us. On top of that, we were lucky enough to witness the migration of the wildebeest and zebras! That said, the thing that I admired most was the skill of the guides that we got to know. They are just phenomenol and so knowledgeable about the culture, the wildlife, the plants, etc. We really appreciated their willingness to ferry us around at will and to patiently help us spot young leopards in trees – quite a treat to watch them! Of course the food was quite delicious, as we knew it would be! The kitchen and wait staff were stellar at each camp. Steve introduced his homemade margarita to the one of the bartenders and in no time the staff had mastered the concoction – it was good fun. Thanks so much for another great adventure!!

Carothers Family: Botswana and Zimbabwe, Jun 2016
We have just arrived at Victoria Falls this afternoon. Our 10 day trip in Botswana far exceeded expectations. It is truly an amazing opportunity. We saw so many spectacles that we couldn't have even hoped for. Wild dogs regurgitating a kill to their pups right in front of us, a male lion attacking a hippo, a whole pride trying to take down giraffe, and more. It was fantastic, and the vegetarian food was thoroughly delicious. I can't recommend it highly enough. 

Ivan and Amelia: Botswana, May/Jun 2016

It was an absolute dream. Everything was seamless, and we loved every minute of it. Each of the camps was so special in its own way, and the wildlife was spectacular. Too many lions and leopards (and cubs) to count! Having completed the trip, and knowing a bit more of the geography, it's clear that the itinerary you and Paul planned was very thoughtful. It allowed us to see three totally different landscapes and totally different camps. Already starting to look toward the next trip (always nice to have something to look forward to). I know things book up early! I have half a mind to just go back to Mombo and move in! :)

Terry and Judy: South Africa, Apr 2016
Paul and Caroline- it was a great trip at a world class facility [Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge] with first class staff. Even the animals cooperated- except for the giraffes! This was our second safari having done the Serengeti and been to Rwanda to hike up and see the mountain gorillas. This environment was totally different and unique - no comparison which was good. Thanks for making this happen. 

Jay and party: South Africa, Apr 2016

Guys, I just wanted to let you know that we (all 8 of us) had an amazing experience at the Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge. Everything about it was phenomenal-- no other way to describe it! The staff, the hospitality, the food, the lodging, the game drives-- everything was amazing. And this is not coming from a group of inexperienced travelers. We have all traveled on virtually all continents, stayed in wonderful hotels and resorts, and 6 of us had previously been on safari in Africa. The Sabi Sabi adventure was absolutely the best. hanks again for all your work in putting this together. Best regards, Jay.

Robert and Dorothy: Botswana, Feb 2016
We had a great trip! Wilderness, as usual, performed at a very high standard. The guides especially were terrific. Vumbura Plains was particularly good for wildlife: on day 1 we tracked a hunting leopard for 3 hours; on day 2 we saw a complete wild dog hunt and kill; on day 3 we tracked lions, had a great water excursion and saw a failed wild dog hunt. We also did a night drive and saw an aardwolf, giant eagle owl, etc. There was a bit of water at Xigera and much more at Vumbura, but overall things were very, very dry and extremely hot. Many thanks for all of your help.

Carty and family: South Africa and Namibia, Dec/Jan 2016
Overall, the trip was magical. We recognize the coordination and logistics of these trips are difficult especially with 5 people. We had 7 flights, a lot of activities and everything was on time and flawless. For me, the highlights were spending time with the guides in Cape Town and the three camps; they were all exceptional. We liked all of the camps but Hoanib Skelton Coast Camp was very, very, very special. I think this was probably the highlight of trip for everyone; definitely best camp. I was skeptical that there would not be enough to see there. I was wrong. This is a magical, special, unique, natural place and environment. We saw a lot of game; big game in some great settings. Some of the most unique and diverse geography and ecosystems I’ve seen. The Cape Town Hotel was excellent. Great central location with a lot going on at the Waterfront during downtime. Staff, concierge; service first class. I would highly recommend this hotel especially for families. Rooms were first rate, facilities excellent. Shark Diving trip was excellent. We sighted 12 different great whites. We appreciate all you and Caroline did to assist especially on short notice. Trip reaffirmed my love of Africa, the people, Cape Town as the most complete city I’ve visited in terms of beauty, diversity, food, people and vibe. Hoanib is one of the top 5 places I’ve ever been in the world. The trip to Hoanib was worth going on the trip by itself. Can’t wait to go back. As soon as we landed, I was ready to return in spite of long flights. Thanks for all you did.



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