Note sent to us in Dec 2015 from a previous client:
Paul, as I read through your newsletter, I am overwhelmed at how priceless our experience was. You helped us every step of the way to put an incredible itinerary together with some very short notice. I am heartbroken to report that I lost my partner in September. In her last weeks, she was taking morphine for pain. She would wake up from vivid dreams (I believe transportive dreams), crying, saying that she had been with the elephants. I am so very glad we got to make that trip.  We could not have done it without you. I am still not sure which end is up, but know I have to return to Africa. I have been reading some travel notes shared by friends who are now in the Norongoro crater. The descriptions of the wildlife populations in Kenya sound fantastic. My dream is to go to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Sanctuary. I cannot convey my sorrow in losing my spouse of 22 years, but so grateful that we got to spend a magnificent block of time in Africa, with only the animals and our guides. I thank you. 

Heidi and friends: Zimbabwe, Dec 2015
Paul, everything went very smoothly. We don’t have enough good things to say about how Wilderness Safaris treated us. We were thoroughly impressed with the accommodations, the staff, the game drives, attention to detail. Thank you for everything.

Sue Ellen and family: Zimbabwe and South Africa, Oct 2015
Hello Paul and Caroline, I am sure you will not be surprised that we had a wonderful trip!  All the  arrangements you made worked perfectly. We were met and transported to wherever we needed to be without any delays or other glitches. Thank you so very much for all you did to make this adventure such a great success. Ilala Lodge was lovely and so was the location. Thanks for choosing the best river cruise we could imagine. We enjoyed all the food (crocodile tail was not too scary, actually pretty good) the drinks, and of course seeing hippos, elephants, crocs, and buffalo. It was the perfect introduction to our African trip and way for us all to unwind after so many hours of travel. The tour of Victoria Falls was amazing and then we had fun spending some time and a little money at the local bazaar. All of us had a good dinner and wonderful time beating our drums, singing, and dancing at the Boma dinner - 6 of 7 of us ate worms and have our certificates to prove it! It is hard to talk about our time at Sabi Sabi Selati Lodge because I do not have enough words to describe our fantastic experience. Selati was beautifully appointed, it has only 8 rooms so the common rooms have a very cosy feeling. The guest rooms are lovely, the meals delicious, and the staff could not have been kinder. This lodge has never had children as young as Kaitlin (10) and Allison (9) but they made sure that the girls felt welcome and had meals that they could enjoy. Terry and Taryn even looked after them as they swam one morning so that the rest of us could hike with our ranger. If ever we are fortunate to return to Sabi Sabi we would certainly choose to stay here. We are so glad that we did not miss a tour to the local village. The bus driver and the tour guide made the drive interesting with their singing and by sharing information about village life with us. We had local children greet us and sing to us, we visited a children's center, a traditional healer and fortune teller, and a group of ladies who had us all singing and dancing! We did not make a contribution to the village because we ended up tipping almost everyone we saw and buying some items in the village - the people were just all so interesting, kind and so ready to share with us. It was a very special way to spend a morning. The game drives, of course, were the highlight of our vacation. Kyle, our ranger, and Mike our tracker, have got to be the best team in all of Sabi Sabi! We still can't believe how Mike spotted the things that he did and how Kyle maneuvered the Land Cruiser into the places he did so that we could get the best views and pictures of everything. We saw each of the big five on more than one occasion but Kyle and Mike found so many other animals, birds, snakes, lizards, plants and trees that we all came away knowing something of the huge diversity of the wildlife in this part of South Africa. Kyle is very interested in photography. He helped us with our cameras and then even gave us a copy of the pictures he took during our game drives. His pictures are great! Everyone of us, especially the girls, was amazed by the opportunity to get so close to the animals. We could almost feel that we were living there on the plains or in the forest right along with them. We are so grateful for your help in making this wonderful trip happen. You put together a string of activities that were fun and appropriate for all of us - not always easy when the ages range from 9 to 72! I know that if any of us are ever lucky enough to be able to return to Africa "Natural Migrations" will be the first place we call for advice. Thank you once again, Sue Ellen.

Debbie: Botswana and South Africa, Sep 2015
 Hi Caroline and Paul. Thank you so much for organizing the trip for us---it was truly the most wonderful vacation I have ever had. Everything went perfectly---all of the transfers, charter flights and so on. You did a splendid job of planning. The trip was the perfect blend of tent living and luxury. Your suggestions regarding what to pack and how much to tip were extremely helpful. The horseback riding safari was fantastic. The horses were so wonderful that Kathy wanted to take hers home---and you know what high quality horses she has! Our guide West was knowledgable and so charming and funny! Accommodations were comfortable and I loved sleeping out under the stars for two nights. The food was extraordinary---Grace and her sous-chef V.G. cooked everything on a metal grille over an open flame, and how they managed to produce hors d'oeuvres, fresh steamed vegetables, casseroles, roasts, and desserts like cheesecake, brownies, and panna cotta with passionfruit is beyond me. We took game drives every afternoon and saw elephants and lions up close and personal. I was certainly glad to see a bathtub when we got to Mala Mala! That is a beautiful place; so luxurious. The game viewing there was amazing. The accommodations were magnificent, the buffets were incredible, and the game viewing was superb. Elephant were walking around as plentiful as sheep and we saw a leopardess lounging in a tree about 20ft from us. I miss Africa! I would go back tomorrow. Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime. All the best---Debbie.

Edwin and Peta: Botswana, Aug/Sep 2015
Thank you for the excellent organization of the whole trip. We appreciate how carefully you put together the different components and made selections which we would never have known about otherwise: Even though we had ridden with Barney and PJ 20 years ago exactly we had never heard about Limpopo Valley Riding Safaris, nor about Duma Tau; both of which were stunning and the highlights. Finally, thank you for your patience with all my questions, even those where you had already give me the answer if I had only read your documentation thoroughly! Suffice to say that we will certainly be contacting you when we next wish to go back to Africa (which might not be that far away…).

Steve and Liz, Botswana, Aug/Sep 2015
We're home safely and had a wonderful time. We appreciate everything you did in putting together a terrific itinerary for our group, and will certainly not hesitate to seek your assistance with future trips to Africa (and we believe others in our group feel the same). 

Dan and Pat: Botswana, Aug/Sep 2015
Thank you to Paul and you for organizing a delightful trip for us to Botswana. The lady from Menzies that escorted us through the airport yesterday is the sole reason we made our flight, arriving as the doors were closing! We had a very memorable experience and thoroughly enjoyed meeting Map Ives who is a remarkable guy. Thanks again for creating such a great trip for us.

Billy and Elin: Tanzania, Aug 2015
We are back and I have finally had a moment to get my life back to normal. We had a wonderful time, in short. It really was a top-trip and I would like to do something similar next year. The itinerary that you put together for us was excellent and smooth. Going to Asilia was such a treat and Ubuntu was better than I could dream. Great work, figuring out that it would be just what a photographer would want. Perhaps next time I can shift focus from the animals more towards landscapes when taking pics, though it was a great start! I'll be in touch about future trips. I am very much looking forward to getting back to Sub-Saharan Africa. 

  Kay and Sandy: Tanzania, Jun 2015
It was the trip of a lifetime. As you may know the migration was a couple of weeks late so we did not see river crossings, but we were driven to the central plains from the mobile camp and to a different area from Sayari where we saw large herds milling around, rutting, and periodically traveling. We very much enjoyed the Serena accommodations, Gibb's Farm, and found every Asilia facility, their organization, and their guides outstanding. There were no hitches along the way.

Suzanne: Rwanda and Botswana, Apr 2015
Thank you – this trip packed weeks into a day, created memories to last a lifetime, gave bragging rights over friends, and shared incredible moments as a family.

Bill and Melinda: Namibia, Apr 2015
Paul  -  Everything went very smoothly. As we had previously experienced, Wilderness Safaris operations are first rate. The staffs at the camps were very engaging. We were enthralled with the topography of Namibia. Thanks for all your assistance.  

D & C: Southern Africa, Nov/Dec 2014

Best trip of my life, that's all there is to say!

Kavolus Family: Southern Africa, Jul/Aug 2014

Everything went off well without a hitch. Your itinerary was terrific. We had a most memorable experience. I will send people your way. People were amazed you guys put this together in March of 2014. As you know most plans were years in the making for most guests. We did take large duffle bags and this was a problem on the small planes. Medium duffles are the size needed. We also over packed; not appreciating the the capabilities of the camp laundries. That was our poor advice from friends. You provided us with accurate information. Thanks very much to you both.

Hanley Family: Southern Africa, Jul 2014
The trip start to finish was brilliant. Cape Town was wonderful. The hotel was great both in terms of accommodations and location. Begin close to the V&A area made for wonderful dinners. The highlight of our Cape Town experience was our tour guide. He was exceptional in many ways sharing with us his knowledge and personal experiences of growing up in South Africa before apartheid was eliminated. In Cape Town the tour guide set the bar very high and we were never disappointed. Table Mtn, the Cape of Good Hope, seeing the seals and penguin colonies just added to the adventure. The wine tasting was a nice change of pace. The visit to Robben Island was special. The camps were great. While the first camp, Camp Kwando, was more rustic than the second, Camp Moremi, we really enjoy the atmosphere of both. The debate continues as to which camp was better. In both camps we saw a very large variety of animals and the guides were top notch. We were delighted in being able to experience both styles of camps and thank you for such a wise selection. One of our first observations was, how quiet it was and of course the night sky. We cannot say enough about the hospitality. Being able to tour the delta by boat was unique and brought us rather close to some hippos. Victoria Falls is magnificent and the VF Hotel was a trip back in time. All the of air travel was on time with the smaller airplanes being a totally new experience. So thanks again for everything you did to make this our “trip of a lifetime.” When I speak to folks who have taken a safari there is a different depth to the conversation. It really is an experience like no other.

Beverly and Jack: Namibia, Jul 2014
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! The entire safari was phenomenal!!!! Every camp received all tens from us!! The guides were awesome---especially Albert at Serra Cafema----Albert and Jack were like a comedy team on Saturday night live---The entire adventure was memorable and amazing----the very cold nights -- especially at Desert Rhino camp------added laughter for us----we especially liked the four nights at the last two camps---gave us a chance to relax and enjoy each and every moment. Thank you for all your hard work in preparing our itinerary. It was perfect!! With appreciation and gratitude, Beverly (by the way---everyone bent over backwards to provide me with gluten free meals---delicious!!!)

Donovan family: South Africa and Mozambique, Jul 2014
Wanted to thank the both of you for a fantastic trip! Sabi Sabi and Camp Jabulani were impeccable. Service and accommodations could not have been better. Azura was beautiful. Transfers and transportation was seem less. I will not hesitate to pass your names on to anyone interested in an African vacation. Look forward to planning another great adventure with you guys!

George and JoAnn: Southern Africa May 2014
We had an absolutely wonderful time!! Wilderness Safaris did a wonderful job of taking care of us and I highly recommend them and their camps. We have fantastic pictures of lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, cape buffalo, elephants, wildebeast, kudus, giraffes, sable, wild dogs, hyenas, baboons, impala, water bucks, warthogs, and some I'm sure I've forgotten. It truly was a trip of a lifetime. Weather was perfect and no bugs. Thank you very much for your efforts in putting the whole trip together!! You made it very special!!

Peter and Nancy: Southern Africa Apr/May 2014
Truly a wonderful vacation. The camps and people were all magnificent with only our comfort and safety in mind. May not be possible to top the past 20 days. The only thing close was Antarctica. Thanks Peter.

Carol: Horse Safari and Botswana Mar/Apr 2014
The whole flight home I was pinching myself ... a dream come true .. and thinking how I had to thank you and Caroline. Aar and I had a wonderful time, thank you so much for sending us to Savuti Camp, a total 5-star welcome, and we were instantly immersed in the Africa experience from the minute we stepped off the bush plane. They refreshed us and sent us off on a game drive the afternoon we arrived .. having an elephant charge the Land Rover on the way to camp was quite reviving after such a long travel! The game was incredibly plentiful and the hosts and guides superb. And then of course to Okavango Horse Safaris where we had the best time. Our safari companions were a small group of regulars so it was quite chummy, the camp and horses simply beyond all expectations. All the arrangements and transfers were seamless and well coordinated. We intend to return to Botswana and recommend the adventure and your services to all our friends. Thank you again .. til next time!

Greg: South Africa Dec 2013/Jan 2014
What can we say: we had a truly spectacular vacation. And of course we all went out drinking last night to see all of our friends who had been tracking our trip on Facebook. The pics can't do it justice. While the whole trip was great, we all loved the Safari best. Everyone at Sabi Sabi was great. We are in shock now, jet lagged and texting each other at 5 am that we can't believe it's over! All that planning was well spent as we got the most out if our trip - thanks to you and Paul for all your help. I already have a referral for you for next Christmas and we are excited to see what other action adventure we can find on your website.

Amber and Patrick: Southern Africa, Nov/Dec 2013
It was a fabulous honeymoon! Thank you for all your suggestions and guidance throughout the planning process and responsiveness while we were on our trip. It was the vacation of a lifetime.

Besty: Zambia and Botswana, Nov 2013
I am haunted by Africa.

Sue and Alex: Southern Africa, Oct/Nov 2013
Everything went perfectly. We had a wonderful time and learned a great deal. The wilderness camps that you picked for us were great. The varied topography made each one a unique experience. I was really pleased to have the opportunity to visit Zimbabwe and the Mana Pools area. Ruckomechi Camp was great. Best of all we liked the African people that we met. Very warm and welcoming. The camps worked seamlessly. The Wilderness Safari people were exceptional. They ushered us through all of the hoops and we were happy to be so well taken care of. Thanks to you and Paul for your work on this. We are very satisfied customers.

Kirk and Lisa: Southern Africa, Oct 2013
Caroline and Paul – the trip was fantastic in every respect – thanks for putting it together. No complaints about anything. The weather was different from what I expected – given the month, I thought it would be spring, but it is the dry season and the temperature always got to the mid-90s or even 100 in the middle of the day – but not a problem. (Your materials says the average high is about that, but I didn’t notice that until I got there.) Victoria Falls and the Zambezi cruise were very nice. In Botswana, Duma Tau was the nicest camp with the best food and wine, but all three (Little Vumbura and Chitabe) were great, and the wildlife viewing was terrific. And thanks for the special things done in honor of our 25 anniversary – added to which that was the day we first saw leopards! (Lots of leopards, lions, and cheetahs on the trip.) We have already passed on your names to people we think might be interested in a similar tour, so with luck you’ll get some new inquiries. Thanks again. Kirk

Sue and Ted: Southern Africa, Sep/Oct 2013
It was absolutely fabulous!! We had a great time - saw amazing animals - met super people. The camps were a perfect introduction to Africa. Wilderness Safaris was there to meet us at every transition. So we are very satisfied customers :) Thanks for putting this all together….can't wait to plan the next adventure in Africa.

Marilyn and Hans: Southern Africa, Sep/Oct 2013
Where to start? Loved the Fairlawns Hotel! Perfect planning of camps--going from the simplest to the most luxurious. All of the transportation was seamless. Guides were wonderful. Met your brother-in-law, Map Ives at Chitabe Lediba. A lioness walked so close to the vehicle I could have reached out and touched awed I couldn't even take a photo. Delaire Graff was over the top in luxury--what a way to end the trip! Paul, you did a wonderful job in putting this trip together and making sure all went well. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

John and Heidi, Rwanda and Tanzania, Aug 2013
Trip was great!  Rwanda was splendid. Tanzania was great as well. We loved Sayari - they had a great guide there and amazing people all around. Rwanda is under-marketed. It was and felt extremely safe. The people were beautiful. We loved it.

Jack and Patty: Southern Africa, Aug 2013
Thanks so much Paul and Caroline. The safari you planned for us was perfect in every way. Guides, lodging, and accommodations all surpassed our wildest expectations. The game viewing was rich and varied and we had wonderful photo opportunities everyday.

Dave: Southern Africa, Aug 2013
The trip to Botswana was the most amazing trip of my life. Almost every day I found myself saying "no, THIS is the most amazing thing I've seen ... no THIS is ..." Came back with 11,000 pictures to sort through. I plan to return, and soon if I can, though I'm not really looking for "Classic" or "Premier" lodge experiences. While Chitabe was a nice location with some amazing wildlife nearby, and the chance to do laundry between the adventure trips was nice, the Wilderness trip and the Canoe trip were the highlights by far. I definitely like the Wilderness Safaris company, and the way they do business, and would gladly return for future trips with them. I already wish I was back there. THANK YOU for this experience!!!

Norm and Rickie: Southern Africa, Aug 2013
Paul, wanted to touch base with you on our recent trip, we had a terrific time.. obviously the highlight was having the #1 Guide in the World at our side, Map Ives. He was brilliant as they say.. What a great guy. As far as the actual trip and the organization flights, camps etc. everything went very very smooth Wilderness did not miss a beat. Having the 2 camps to ourselves was something special for sure, wow what an experience that was. Our other guides were great also, but I think they may have been hand picked so how could we have gone wrong. Great weather, great food and really terrific game viewing and the experience of a life time. We are staying in contact with Map and try and help with the Rhino Project.I could go camp by camp but really the whole trip was unbelievable.

Steve and Erin: Southern Africa, Aug 2013
Thanks Caroline--it was beyond description--everything you promised and more. Now we just have to figure out how we can do it again.

Toby, Ronda, Harrison and Sage: Botswana and South Africa, Aug 2013
We had the most fantastic trip to Botswana and South Africa! Our favorites - Mashatu with Bashi, Lovemore and staff and Mathew, Michael (bar tender), and staff at Mala Mala. Thank you for the most enjoyable, memorable and exciting family vacation we have ever experienced. My sincere appreciation, Toby

Brenda and family: South Africa, Jul 2013
Our trip was spectacular. Everything was seamless. The Mountain Lodge was perfect. Very roomy and plenty of monkeys on our back porch. Thank you so much for all the arrangements.

Ronda: Southern Africa, Jul 2013
Thanks for everything. My trip was extraordinary, it surpassed all expectations. I met such amazing people, did a wide variety of things and have memories and friends to last me a lifetime. Africa is truly an amazing continent. Thanks again for all your assistance putting together my trip and being attentive to all the details.

Dorothy: Botswana and Zambia, Jul 2013
Hello Paul and Caroline, Thank you so much for your efforts in arranging - this was an outstanding safari! A perfect 10 - fantastic game, exceptional birding, stunning landscapes, gracious hospitality, wonderful accommodations, food, service, and efficient travel. Where should I go next? Appreciate your thoughts, again, thank you so much for everything.

Jason and Stephen: South Africa, Jul 2013
Hey Paul, Sabi Sabi was incredible. Stephen and I had a great time and loved the people, food, location, and the safaris. We were blown away by the beauty of it all. Elliot was our ranger and Richard was the tracker. Elliot spoke very highly of you and I enjoyed my time with him, just wish our stay could have lasted longer. We saw many animals and just enjoyed relaxing there. It was a perfect end to our 3 weeks in South Africa. I hope we can make it back there one day. If there is anything I can do for you or be a reference for you or future clients, please let me know.

Clancy: Southern Africa, Jul 2013
I recently completed the Wilderness “Migration Route” through Zambia and Botswana. Natural Migrations did all the planning, including airfare and hotel reservations, and I must say, they did an incredible job. I am a recent college graduate and jumped into this adventure without knowing much (or anything at all) about what I was doing. I just knew I had to be at the airport at 4 am and that I needed to get my yellow fever shots. I traveled alongside my parents, which thanks to this tour, was not as awful as it may sound. We were reserved the “presidential villa” at the Fairlawns in Johannesburg – a simply elegant 2 story, 3 bedroom villa which included a free massage at their spa. By far, the nicest hotel I’ve ever been in. I could have stayed there for the 2 weeks! Alas, we moved to an incredible and luxurious camp called “Toka Leya Lodge” outside of Livingstone, Zambia. Here we experienced Victoria Falls, rafted on the Zambezi, and were treated to all-inclusive drinks and incredible service – all orchestrated by the good folks at Natural Migrations. Every single day of our adventure was packed with learning opportunities and wonder. As we moved through the region, we were welcome with joy, ate like kings, and experienced more wildlife than I thought possible. Our guide, Laz, was seriously a genius and took excellent care of us. I could not have imagined a more incredible, smooth-running, and awe-inspiring adventure. I will cherish the memory of this trip for my entire life.

Jim (Clancy's dad): Southern Africa, Jul 2013
Trip was absolutely fabulous from Presidential Suite at Fairlawns to chocolate covered marshmallows over fire in Okavango. Our guide Lazarus is incredible. He could make every bird call and animal grunt etc. Thanks so much!! Best regards, Jim.

Doug and Melody: Tanzania and Zambia, Jul 2013
AFRICA IS ALWAYS AWESOME! In Tanania we loved the camp, the location was awesome, the staff really fantastic. The last day, we saw the migration in its full glory and it is without question one of the highlights of our many travels on safari. Thank you for encouraging us to pursue it. It was a magical moment that is instantly in our Africa animal top ten experiences. The next leg in Zambia was all Wilderness AWESOME. They told us as we were leaving that you had been in touch regularly checking up on how things were going. Fantastically appreciated! The experience was complete and perfect. Thank you again for encouraging us to try somewhere new. Zambia was magical and we felt as if we had it all to ourselves! The camp was beautiful and the service was Wilderness extraordinary. We must have been on over 30 safaris and our guide John D was one of the 2 best ever! The other is Cisco from Little Mombo who you helped arrange. Melody and I are extremely grateful for your expertise and guidance. We appreciate all that you did to make this trip happen on almost no notice and during the high season. WE LOVE ANIMALS / WE LOVE AFRICA / NATURAL MIGRATIONS ROCKS! Thank you for another great life experience! We will without a doubt continue to refer friends and family to Natural Migrations!

Ray and Deb: East and Southern Africa, Mar/Apr 2013
All we can say is Wow! And that does not do justice to the exceptional, fantastic experience we had. Paul, you may remember that Ray was a little skeptical about this trip, well he is now the biggest fan of safari in Africa! He says it was the best trip of his life. We are so grateful and appreciative of your expert planning. Things could not have gone smoother. Someone was there to meet and guide us every step of the way. The camps were more than we expected. You can hardly call it a tent! So beautifully appointed and comfortable. Everyone there is so friendly and genuinely happy to see you. Our guides...every single one of them were knowledgable, excited about the wildlife and...great drivers. Our memories will last a lifetime and it is was a life changing experience. We would love to travel to Africa again and wouldn't think of doing it without your help. We would not hesitate to recommend Natural Migrations to any of our friends planning a trip to Africa. Best Regards, Deb and Ray.

Myra and Anna: South Africa, Mar 2013
I was meaning to send a note to tell you how much McKenzie and I enjoyed our stay at Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp. As it turned out, it was the perfect place for us to be ~~ beautiful setting, small and uncomplicated, every creature comfort, posh but no pretension, relaxed, easy, lovely staff, knowledgeable guides, and ideal weather. There was an unusual dynamic happening with the lions while we were there, a reminder of nature at its most basic, and that added to the experience. What could be better? We had a great time. I so appreciated your guidance and help with the plans. I'm already trying to figure out how to get my husband on the epic plane flight to go back!


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